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Webinar: Elevate Your Enterprise Architecture with In-Memory Computing

Webinar: Elevate Your Enterprise Architecture with In-Memory Computing

August 10, 2016

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The advantages of in-memory computing are well understood. Data can be accessed in RAM nearly 100,000 times faster than retrieving it from disk, delivering orders-of-magnitude higher performance for the most demanding applications. Examples include real-time re-scoring of personalized product recommendations as users are browsing a site, or trading stocks in immediate response to market events.

In this webinar, we’ll briefly explore the trends driving in-memory computing (IMC), the challenges that surround it, and how MongoDB fits into the big picture.

Topics covered in this session will include:

  • IMC use cases and customer case studies
  • Critical capabilities and components of IMC
  • How MongoDB plays a role in an overall IMC strategy within your enterprise architecture
  • Suggested architectures related to MongoDB’s in-memory capabilities:
    • Integration with Apache Spark
    • In-Memory Storage Engine
    • Integration with BI tools

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