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Webinar: Calculating ROI with Innovative eCommerce Platforms

Rebecca Bucnis

June 11, 2014

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Retailers are faced with the need to continually innovate to meet the demands of the digital consumer. Leading companies are continuing to reinvent their ecommerce capabilities to deliver real-time personalized service. As part of Omni-Channel Webinar series, learn not only the challenges overcome but the actual calculated benefits achieved by a variety of retailers which selected MongoDB as their platform of choice. Specifically, in this presentation, we share these customer examples and more:

  • Under Armour built an e-commerce platform that within weeks of launch was handling millions of dollars a day in sales -- in time for the holiday season
  • Otto, the world’s largest mail order company, streamlined its ecommerce platform to provide a superior online experience.
  • Rangespan leveraged MongoDB to create a comprehensive multi-supplier catalogue

We conclude the presentation with options on how you can work with MongoDB to reinvent your ecommerce platform through the Path to Proof program, where you can get expert guidance on your next application.

To learn more about new retail challenges and how MongoDB addresses them, download the white paper below:


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