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Webinar: A Technical Introduction to WiredTiger

Webinar: A Technical Introduction to WiredTiger

Michael Cahill

July 09, 2015

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MongoDB 3.0 introduces a pluggable storage architecture and a new storage engine called WiredTiger. The engineering team behind WiredTiger team has a long and distinguished career, having architected and built Berkeley DB, now the world's most widely used embedded database.

In this webinar Michael Cahill, co-founder of WiredTiger, will describe our original design goals for WiredTiger, including considerations we made for heavily threaded hardware, large on-chip caches, and SSD storage. We'll also look at some of the latch-free and non-blocking algorithms we've implemented, as well as other techniques that improve scaling, overall throughput and latency. Finally, we'll take a look at some of the features we hope to incorporate into WiredTiger and MongoDB in the future.

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