How we switched from Hibernate to MongoDB in a week with Morphia

Marco Palladino

May 24, 2011

The need: We were pivoting Mashape, we had 30 days to completely change our product and release a new version, and we needed a scalable and flexible solution (schema-free) well supported by the community, that we could easily implement. Also, we were looking for a solution that had success stories. I created my first MongoDB-powered app in two nights, that surprisingly had thousands of page views. The app behaved so well, and the implementation was so easy, that I decided MongoDB was the right solution for us. The first version of Mashape was using Hibernate and MySQL, and it was a pain: it took a long time to have all perfectly working. With MongoDB and morphia we made our implementation in less than a week. And with a schema-free solution, we now have the flexibility we need.