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Building an AI Startup with MongoDB at x.ai

Building an AI Startup with MongoDB at x.ai

June 02, 2015

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Varun Vijayaraghavan, Backend Engineer at x.ai

x.ai is a personal assistant that schedules meetings for you. You speak to amy@x.ai as you would to any other person – and you can have her do all the tedious email ping pong that comes along with arranging a meeting. In this session, we'll describe where our data model began and how it evolved over time. We're solving a problem that involves multiple collections, types of documents and schemas – meetings, participants and emails, for instance – and we often have to merge them together to create different representations of the data. We'll discuss the different queries we use and how we've managed to keep our data model sane. We will also describe the high-level architecture of x.ai, including access patterns from internal Node.js apps using Mongoose and Scala modules for analytics. Finally, the core of x.ai is data science, and we'll discuss how our data science modules interact with MongoDB.

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