MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas combines the power of the document database model with the leverage of the cloud and the power of a full data platform.

Scalability and Security Tested in Mission Critical Use Cases

MongoDB is used in the highest performance, most mission-critical systems in banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and critical infrastructure. MongoDB is designed from the ground up for ease of horizontal scale-out, with enterprise-grade security throughout.

Robert Thiel, Head of Machine Learning, at Continental AG

We found MongoDB to be a crucial part of our deep learning infrastructure. It helps us there to manage the processes and the data of the whole development and with this infrastructure, we believe we can get to this goal of zero accidents in the future.

Experience a Full Data Platform with Room to Grow

MongoDB Atlas extends the database into a data platform through global regions, location-aware data policies, federated querying across live and object storage, mobile app sync, serverless application development, and more.
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