Atlas App Services

Build apps fast. Build them right.

Sync data seamlessly

Write less code and build a reliable data sync, faster. Realm handles the complexity of networking and conflict resolution code for you. Build apps that reliably sync between mobile devices and your backend - no matter what platform you’re working with.

Build 5-Star experiences

Your users want apps that run fast, save space, and don’t drain their battery life or hog data. Realm’s Mobile Database and Atlas Device Sync were built specifically for mobile, so they’re optimized for performance with technical best-practices already built-in. End result? Happier users.

Ship key features

Collaborative features and apps that update in real-time don’t have to be so hard to build. Atlas Device Sync makes it simple to keep data up-to-date across multiple users and devices. Don’t sweat stale data or network connectivity, and spend more time focused on your frontend.
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