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getShardMap returns the following information about your cluster:

  • The names of your shards and the config server replica set

  • Hostnames and connection strings for the nodes that comprise the cluster's shards and the config server replica set

You must use the admin database to run getShardMap.

The command has the following syntax:


Here's an example of the output the command returns:

map: {
shard01: 'shard01/localhost:27018,localhost:27019,localhost:27020,localhost:27021,localhost:27022',
shard02: 'shard02/localhost:27023,localhost:27024,localhost:27025,localhost:27026,localhost:27027',
shard03: 'shard03/localhost:27028,localhost:27029,localhost:27030,localhost:27031,localhost:27032',
config: 'configRepl/localhost:27033',localhost:27034,localhost:27035,localhost:27036,localhost:27037'
hosts: {
'localhost:27021': 'shard01',
'localhost:27022': 'shard01',
'localhost:27028': 'shard03',
'localhost:27026': 'shard02',
'localhost:27020': 'shard01',
'localhost:27032': 'shard03',
'localhost:27027': 'shard02',
'localhost:27024': 'shard02',
'localhost:27018': 'shard01',
'localhost:27019': 'shard01',
'localhost:27031': 'shard03',
'localhost:27025': 'shard02',
'localhost:27029': 'shard03',
'localhost:27023': 'shard02',
'localhost:27030': 'shard03',
'localhost:27033': 'config'
'localhost:27036': 'config'
'localhost:27034': 'config'
'localhost:27037': 'config'
'localhost:27035': 'config'
connStrings: {
'shard01/localhost:27018,localhost:27019,localhost:27020,localhost:27021,localhost:27022': 'shard01',
'shard01/localhost:27019,localhost:27020,localhost:27021': 'shard01',
'shard01/localhost:27020,localhost:27021': 'shard01',
'shard01/localhost:27021': 'shard01',
'shard02/localhost:27023,localhost:27024,localhost:27025,localhost:27026,localhost:27027': 'shard02',
'shard02/localhost:27025,localhost:27026,localhost:27027': 'shard02',
'shard02/localhost:27025,localhost:27027': 'shard02',
'shard03/localhost:27028,localhost:27029,localhost:27030,localhost:27031,localhost:27032': 'shard03',
'shard03/localhost:27032': 'shard03',
'configRepl/localhost:27033',localhost:27036,localhost:27034,localhost:27037,localhost:27035': 'config'
ok: 1

The command returns the following fields:

List of shards in the cluster, the config server for the cluster, and the hostname and port for every node in the cluster.
List of hostnames and ports for the nodes of the cluster and the shards or config server to which they map.
List of connection strings for the nodes grouped by the shard or config server the node belongs to.

For more sharding commands, see Sharding Commands.

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