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Operational Restrictions in Sharded Clusters

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  • Sharding Operational Restrictions

$where does not permit references to the db object from the $where function. This is uncommon in un-sharded collections.

The geoSearch command is not supported in sharded environments.

In MongoDB 5.0 and earlier, you cannot specify sharded collections in the from parameter of $lookup stages.

To use updateOne() and deleteOne() operations for a sharded collection that specify the multi: false or justOne option:

  • If you only target one shard, you can use a partial shard key in the query specification or,

  • You can provide the shard key or the _id field in the query specification.

To use findOneAndUpdate() with a sharded collection, your query filter must include an equality condition on the shard key to compare the key and value in either of these formats:

{ key: value }
{ key: { $eq: value } }

MongoDB does not support unique indexes across shards, except when the unique index contains the full shard key as a prefix of the index. In these situations MongoDB will enforce uniqueness across the full key, not a single field.



Unique Constraints on Arbitrary Fields for an alternate approach.

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