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Hedged Read Option

You can specify the use of hedged reads for non-primary read preferences on sharded clusters.

With hedged reads, the mongos instances can route read operations to two replica set members per each queried shard and return results from the first respondent per shard.

Hedged reads are supported for the following operations:

To specify hedged read for a read preference, use the hedged read option for read preferences.

To use hedged reads, enable the hedge read option for non-primary read preferences. Read preference nearest specifies hedged read by default.

  • When using the drivers, refer to the drivers' read preference API.

  • When using mongosh, you can use the helper methods cursor.readPref() and Mongo.setReadPref().

For more information on hedged reads, see Hedged Reads.

For details on member selection for hedged reads, see Read Preference and Shards.

The command serverStatus and its corresponding mongosh method db.serverStatus() return hedgingMetrics.

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