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MongoDB Versioning


Always upgrade to the latest stable revision of your release series.

MongoDB versioning has the form X.Y.Z where X.Y refers to either a release series or development series and Z refers to the revision/patch number.

  • If Y is even, X.Y refers to a release series; for example, 4.0 release series and 4.2 release series. Release series are stable and suitable for production.

  • If Y is odd, X.Y refers to a development series; for example, 4.1 development series and 4.3 development series. Development series are for testing only and not for production.

For example, in MongoDB version 4.0.12, 4.0 refers to the release series and .12 refers to the revision.

Changes in the release series (e.g. 4.0 to 4.2) generally mark the introduction of new features that may break backwards compatibility.

Changes to the revision number (e.g. 4.0.11 to 4.0.12) generally mark the release of bug fixes and backwards-compatible changes.

The version numbering system for MongoDB differs from the system used for the MongoDB drivers.

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