Type alias FlexibleSyncConfiguration

FlexibleSyncConfiguration: BaseSyncConfiguration & {
    flexible: true;
    initialSubscriptions?: InitialSubscriptions;
    partitionValue?: never;

Type declaration

  • flexible: true
  • Optional initialSubscriptions?: InitialSubscriptions

    Optional object to configure the setup of an initial set of flexible sync subscriptions to be used when opening the Realm. If this is specified, Realm.open will not resolve until this set of subscriptions has been fully synchronized with the server.


    const config: Realm.Configuration = {
    sync: {
    flexible: true,
    initialSubscriptions: {
    update: (subs, realm) => {
    rerunOnOpen: true,
    // ... rest of config ...
    const realm = await Realm.open(config);

    // At this point, the Realm will be open with the data for the initial set
    // subscriptions fully synchronised.
  • Optional partitionValue?: never

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