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Command Monitoring

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This guide shows you how to monitor the success or failure of commands sent by the driver to your MongoDB deployment.

Read this guide if you need to record command status in your application or want to explore the information provided in these events.

You can access one or more command monitoring events using the driver by subscribing to them in your application. The following example demonstrates connecting to a replica set and subscribing to one of the command monitoring events created by the MongoDB deployment:

const { MongoClient } = require("mongodb");
// Replace the following with your MongoDB deployment's connection
// string.
const uri =
const client = new MongoClient(uri, { monitorCommands:true });
// Replace <event name> with the name of the event you are subscribing to.
const eventName = "<event name>";
client.on(eventName, event => {
console.log(`received ${eventName}: ${JSON.stringify(event, null, 2)}`);
async function run() {
try {
await client.connect();
// Establish and verify connection
await client.db("admin").command({ ping: 1 });
console.log("Connected successfully");
} finally {
// Ensures that the client will close when you finish/error
await client.close();


Command monitoring is disabled by default. To enable command monitoring, pass the monitorCommands option as true to your MongoClient constructor.

You can subscribe to any of the following command monitoring events:

Event Name
Created when a command is started.
Created when a command succeeded.
Created when a command failed.

The following sections show sample output for each type of command monitoring event.

CommandStartedEvent {
requestId: 1534,
databaseName: "app",
commandName: "find",
address: 'localhost:27017',
connectionId: 812613,
command: {
find: { firstName: "Jane", lastName: "Doe" }
CommandSucceededEvent {
requestId: 1534,
commandName: "find",
address: 'localhost:27017',
connectionId: 812613,
duration: 1586380205,
reply: {
cursor: {
firstBatch: [
_id: ObjectId("5e8e2ca217b5324fa9847435"),
firstName: "Jane",
lastName: "Doe"
_id: 0,
ns: "app.users"
ok: 1,
operationTime: 1586380205
CommandFailedEvent {
requestId: 1534,
commandName: "find",
address: 'localhost:27017',
connectionId: 812613,
failure: Error("something failed"),
duration: 1586380205
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