MongoDB Acquires WiredTiger Inc.

World Renowned Database Storage Engine Experts and Product Extend World’s Fastest Growing Database

NEW YORK and PALO ALTO, Calif.— December 16, 2014 – MongoDB today announced the acquisition of WiredTiger Inc., an innovator in database storage engine technology. WiredTiger will contribute to the performance, scalability, and hardware efficiency of MongoDB for all users with the upcoming release, MongoDB 3.0. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

As part of the acquisition, MongoDB adds to its team the experts behind WiredTiger, including co-founders Keith Bostic (also a founder of Sleepycat Software), Dr. Michael Cahill, and their colleagues. Bostic and Cahill have decades of experience writing high performance storage engines, and were architects of Berkeley DB, the most widely-used embedded data management software in the world. Their latest effort, WiredTiger, is an open source storage engine that powers many high-performance systems, including services at Amazon. WiredTiger leverages modern hardware architectures and innovative software algorithms to provide extraordinary performance for the most demanding applications.

"Our focus at WiredTiger has been to rethink data management and create high performance software that solves the challenges of the world's most demanding applications," said Michael Cahill, now Director of Engineering at MongoDB. "MongoDB has long been on our radar. Joining its vast community is a huge opportunity for WiredTiger to more broadly benefit organizations of all sizes, in all industries, around the globe."

In just over five years, MongoDB has evolved into one of the world’s most popular databases. MongoDB 3.0 supports “pluggable storage engines.” This means that the core MongoDB database can be easily and flexibly extended with new capabilities, and be optimized for use with different hardware architectures. As a result, users will be able to build and run a wider variety of applications, with lower cost and complexity.

“MongoDB is now the database of choice for an increasingly diverse set of use cases,” said Eliot Horowitz, co-founder and CTO of MongoDB. “We continue to extend the database in areas of performance and scalability, while also making MongoDB more flexible for different applications and different hardware architectures. I’m delighted to welcome Keith, Michael and their colleagues to our team, as we have admired their work for years.”

The WiredTiger storage engine is available today in MongoDB 2.8.0 RC2, and will be included with MongoDB 3.0 and MongoDB Enterprise 3.0. For many applications, WiredTiger will provide significant benefits in the areas of lower storage costs, greater hardware utilization, and more predictable performance. Upgrades to the WiredTiger storage engine will be non-disruptive for existing deployments; applications will be 100% compatible, and upgrades can be performed with zero downtime.


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