Sporting Solutions embraces MongoDB to help manage the delivery of data services

LONDON, United Kingdom— 13th June 2014— Today MongoDB announced that Sporting Solutions, the B2B software and data services division of Sporting Index Group, is using MongoDB as the database for its Sporting Solutions Connect platform.

Sporting Solutions, the B2B arm of spread betting firm Sporting Index, provides pricing software and data services to a number of the world’s leading betting operators. In selecting MongoDB, the company has benefited from the ability to better manage the significant amount of information that flows through its Sporting Solutions Connect platform to betting operators all around the globe on areas such as pricing and trading.

The Sporting Solutions Connect platform provides betting operators with a simplified process for receiving the vital data needed to deliver a seamless betting experience to customers, both before and during a sporting fixture. By having one platform for all the sporting information needed, betting operators are no longer required to manage multiple standards or receive data from a range of different sources, allowing them to be better able to accurately price betting markets.

Due to the high volume of transactions and significant levels of data turnover taking place at any given time, the Sporting Solutions Connect platform required a database that could both scale to meet different levels of demand, while also being suited for a cloud-based environment. MongoDB was selected based on its ability to be quickly and easily deployed in addition to the flexible schema that means the development team are able to adapt the database to meet the changing needs of the business. Finally, the developer friendly nature of MongoDB and the large community ecosystem built around the database brought with it the confidence needed for Sporting Solutions to make it the core database at the heart of the Sporting Solutions Connect platform.

Andy Britcliffe, CTO at Sporting Solutions commented: “The delivery of data services is core to our products, so the decision about which database to use was vital in ensuring the business provided clients with excellent service. With MongoDB we have a database that can effectively manage the variety of data flowing through our business, while also giving us the full flexibility to innovate as we need to. It has proven to be very robust operationally and the support from both MongoDB and the community ecosystem means that we always have additional resources to call upon.”

Joe Morrissey, VP, EMEA, MongoDB commented: “Sporting Solutions is a leader in its field, and it’s great to see the company placing MongoDB at the heart of its operation. Through the deployment of our database, we’re confident that the company will be better able to innovate when needed and scale to meet customer needs and demands in future.”

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