Pentaho and 10gen Collaborate to Integrate MongoDB in Enterprise Architectures

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - May 23, 2012) - MongoNYC -- Pentaho Corporation, delivering the future of business analytics, and 10gen, the company behind MongoDB, today announced a partnership to provide direct integration between Pentaho Business Analytics and MongoDB. As enterprise data architectures continue to evolve, customers are looking to address rapidly changing multi-structured data and take advantage of cloud-like architectures. This alliance brings the data integration, data discovery and visualization capabilities of Pentaho to MongoDB. The native integration between Pentaho and MongoDB helps enterprises take advantage of the flexible, scalable data storage capabilities of MongoDB while ensuring compatibility and interoperability with existing data infrastructure. Pentaho and 10gen have developed connectors to tightly integrate MongoDB and Pentaho Business Analytics. By adding MongoDB integration to its existing vast library of connectors for relational databases, analytic databases, data warehouses, enterprise applications, and standards-based information exchange formats, Pentaho provides the richest environment for enterprise architects, developers, data scientists and analysts for both MongoDB and existing databases. Enterprise architects benefit from a scalable data integration framework functioning across MongoDB and other data stores, and developers gain access to familiar graphical interfaces for data integration and job management with full support for MongoDB. Data scientists and analysts can now visualize and explore data across multiple data sources, including MongoDB. Addressing Customer Challenges Data Integration: How do I rapidly ingest data into MongoDB? How do I link disparate systems and exchange data between them? How do I operationalize my data workflows?

Pentaho Data Integration + MongoDB: Pentaho's high-performance distributed and multi-threaded data integration engine is able to keep up with MongoDB's ability to very rapidly ingest data, as well as integrate and exchange data across multiple sources. Pentaho also provides intuitive visual interfaces for easily orchestrating data management workflows across any enterprise data source, including MongoDB.

Reporting & Analysis: Do existing tools keep up with rapidly expanding volumes of data? How can I leverage existing skills to analyze data in MongoDB?

Pentaho Business Analytics + MongoDB: Pentaho can push down very large queries as appropriate to take advantage of MongoDB's extreme performance, as well as being able to dynamically join query results from multiple sources including MongoDB. Pentaho's intuitive self-service visual interfaces are instantly usable by the broadest spectrum of end-users including executives and data scientists, enabling powerful data visualization, reporting, exploration and predictive analytics, without needing special skills for MongoDB.

Quotes and Multimedia "At 3Cinteractive, we have massive volumes of mobile user and event data generated from our client's businesses every day. MongoDB helps us log and report on much of this data and Pentaho Business Analytics gives us a platform to analyze and visualize the data in a way that allows us to deliver sophisticated, multi-channel mobile analytics and BI to our clients," said Jeremy Martin, SVP of Business Development, at 3Cinteractive. "The tight integration between Pentaho and MongoDB/10gen makes it seamless for us to operationalize the data that runs through our platform -- and ultimately measure and improve business outcomes for our clients." "We are thrilled to bring a visual design environment and enhanced visual analytics to the largest NoSQL community on the planet, MongoDB," said Richard Daley, chief strategy officer at Pentaho. "The connectors between MongoDB and Pentaho Business Analytics are more than just tight integration, this is another step in helping companies operationalize their data. Benefits of using the joint MongoDB and Pentaho solution include increased developer productivity, reduced risk and rapid time to value." "MongoDB enables rapid, agile development of data-rich applications and provides enterprises the capability to manage, at scale, unstructured, semi-structured and structured data," said Nosh Petigara, director of product strategy at 10gen. "We're excited to partner with Pentaho and provide joint customers with the scalable framework and robust toolset required for today's enterprise data architectures." Pentaho is a proud sponsor of MongoNYC, the annual one-day conference in New York City dedicated to MongoDB. Founder and Chief Geek / CTO, James Dixon will present a 40-minute talk on "Now, How Do I Report and Analyze Against MongoDB?" For more details on the MongoNYC, please visit

For additional information including product downloads, how-to videos and documents on the alliance between Pentaho and 10gen, please visit or About Pentaho Corporation Pentaho is delivering the future of business analytics. Pentaho's open source heritage drives our continued innovation in a modern, integrated, embeddable platform built for the future of analytics, including diverse and big data requirements. Powerful business analytics are made easy with Pentaho's cost-effective suite for data access, visualization, integration, analysis and mining. For a free evaluation, download Pentaho Business Analytics at About 10gen 10gen is the initiator, contributor and continual sponsor of MongoDB, offering production support, training, consulting and online management services for the database. Thousands of leading Web 2.0 companies as well as Fortune 500 enterprises have adopted MongoDB. 10gen is funded by Flybridge Capital Partners, Sequoia Capital and Union Square Ventures. For more information, visit or