MongoDB Sponsors Certificate Authority Let’s Encrypt to Help Secure the Internet

New York City, NY– October 25, 2018MongoDB, Inc. (Nasdaq: MDB), the leading, modern general database platform, has partnered with Let's Encrypt, a free, automated and open certificate authority run for the public’s benefit, to further a shared mission to help make the internet more secure.

“Let’s Encrypt has accomplished much in its relatively young lifespan to improve web security. The founding engineers led the design and drafting of the IETF open standard for automated certificate management and the organization is now the largest certificate authority in the world,” said Kenneth White, Product Security Lead at MongoDB. “At MongoDB, we are committed to advancing security research and promoting safer TLS practices for mass adoption, and we look forward to collaborating with the Let’s Encrypt team on this important work.”

Let’s Encrypt is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group, and has generated over 400 million certificates for businesses, nonprofits and governments around the world since launching in 2016.

"The Web is complex and even loading pages that seem relatively simple usually involves sending a large amount of personal information or meta-data,” said Josh Aas, Executive Director of Let’s Encrypt. “Our goal with Let's Encrypt is to make it possible for all websites to move to HTTPS. That means embracing automation and ease of use for managing HTTPS deployments. We're happy to see MongoDB embrace those principles to help more people and organizations secure their sites."

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