MongoDB Partners With Silver Spring Networks to Scale Real-Time Smart Grid Data Platform

SilverLink™ Sensor Network to Leverage Leading NoSQL Database to Accelerate New Application Development and Unlock More Value From the ‘Internet of Things’

NEW YORK, NY—April 15, 2014—MongoDB today announced that Silver Spring Networks, Inc. (NYSE: SSNI), a leading networking and solutions provider for smart energy networks, is building on the MongoDB database to seamlessly capture and store high volumes of rapidly changing, complex machine-to-machine (M2M) data for its new SilverLink™ Sensor Network. A revolutionary approach to unlocking insights from real-time Smart Grid data, the SilverLink Sensor Network enables developers to utilize previously unavailable or now-enriched data to deliver new applications and services for utilities and energy consumers, at up to 10x the speed and 1/10th the cost of traditional utility IT infrastructure.

The SilverLink Sensor Network produces near real-time analytics of fast moving data, as well as historical data, across a variety of parameters, such as temporal, geospatial and sensor-type, enabling utilities and application developers to extract deeper and actionable insights into energy usage patterns as they’re happening. Silver Spring Networks will also enable the MongoDB developer community to further accelerate development and deployment of new value-add applications that leverage Smart Grid data. Standard and new software-defined sensor components and applications will be made available to utilities, sensor network operators and consumers through the SilverLink App Store.

“The distributed M2M networks we deploy for smart grid and smart city applications capture millions of data streams that will exponentially grow as more devices are connected. Using a new cloud data service to model, correlate, aggregate, analyze and externalize these streams in parallel and in near real-time, the SilverLink Sensor Network will provide customers with insight to significantly increase energy efficiency, conservation and provide a higher level of customer service,“ said Charles Sum, Vice President, Software Architecture and Analytics, Silver Spring Networks. “With MongoDB's industry-leading NoSQL position and Silver Spring's robust ecosystem, the partnership will bring the next generation of apps and developers to leverage the power of the SilverLink Sensor Network.”

Many utilities find that more than 70% of their enterprise data is generated from their Smart Grid networks, yet extracting value and quickly developing new applications has been costly and resource-intensive, often resulting in many siloed applications that are difficult to scale. Utilities and energy consumers are expected to now benefit from the innovations of a rapidly growing global software ecosystem and take advantage of new applications at a fraction of their historical costs.

“The database standard for modern application development, MongoDB is at the forefront of data management solutions enabling M2M applications like the SilverLink Sensor Network that meet the needs of a connected utility ecosystem,” said Max Schireson, CEO at MongoDB. “MongoDB enables real-time analytics and flexible applications at any scale, helping companies accelerate third-party application development in order to unlock new business opportunities.”

All over the world, thousands of organizations use MongoDB for its agile and scalable approach to data management. Common use cases include operational and analytical big data, content management and delivery, mobile and social infrastructure, user data management and data hub.

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