MongoDB to Host Public Sector Hackathon in Tech City

LONDON, UK – 20 March 2014 – MongoDB, the database for modern applications, announced it is helping developers in the UK public sector to build and scale applications more rapidly by sponsoring a special <a href=>Hackathon on April 15, 2014 in Tech City, London. This all-day event will bring together developers, DBAs and architects, to rapidly develop innovative data-rich apps for the public sector.

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Attendees will share skills, thoughts and challenges on how best to improve public sector services through technology innovation.

Developer teams will have the opportunity to showcase their ideas and efforts in 10-minute slots, with five minutes for a live demo and five minutes for Q&A from the audience and judging panel. The event will bring together some of Britain’s best developers in the public sector and provide an opportunity to bring cutting-edge ideas to life and showcase them to the audience.

MongoDB is certified on the G-Cloud and already works with some of Britain’s most high profile public sector organisations including The Met Office and the National Archives.

“Britain’s developer community is spearheading unprecedented technological change in the public sector, transforming services and improving lives. This event will bring together some of the UK’s most talented IT innovators who are driving improvements to all areas of government, from health to education, bringing forward bright ideas to create a modern, digital public sector fit for the future,” said Joe Morrissey, Vice President, EMEA at MongoDB.

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