MongoDB 2.2 Delivers Improved Analytics and Faster Performance

10gen Announces New Features Including Real-Time Aggregation Framework and Multi-Data Center Deployment for Easier Development and Operating at Scale with MongoDB

NEW YORK and PALO ALTO, Calif.—August 29, 2012— 10gen, the MongoDB company, today announced the general availability of MongoDB version 2.2, the newest release of its agile and scalable, document NoSQL database. Enhancements include an advanced aggregation framework, new multi-data center deployment features as well as 600 more new features. With this release, 10gen continues its commitment to enabling faster, easier application development and solidifies its position as the default database of choice for application developers.

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MongoDB 2.2 Highlights:

Aggregation Framework—Users want more ways to work with and access data as usage expands. The aggregation framework enables real-time queries on data, simplifies reporting and provides the foundation for real-time analytics. MongoDB 2.2 can accelerate performance of analytics and reporting up to 80 percent compared to using MapReduce. Finally, the enhanced aggregation framework is significantly easier to use and execute than when using MapReduce and offers new operators, new expressions and a pipeline-processing framework.

New Multi-Data Center Features—MongoDB 2.2 now offers tag-aware sharding and replication to enable location-aware data storage policies for improved performance in wide-area multi-data center configurations as well as facilitation of other use cases such as use of heterogeneous hardware tailored to different document types.

Improved Concurrency—MongoDB 2.2 features a new locking architecture that improves performance for workloads that require frequent disk I/O operations. Users will see faster, more predictable performance from MongoDB deployments, particularly in deployments where disk I/O speed is a limiter.

More than 600 new features and improvements—Other operational and functional enhancements include time-to-live (TTL) collections, query optimizer improvements, Windows service support, better performance with Windows Server, better usage of heterogeneous hardware and reduced space fragmentation.

Supporting Quotes
“MongoDB 2.2 has been a huge effort to make the database even easier to use and operate,” says Eliot Horowitz, 10gen co-founder and CTO. “We think that moving to NoSQL should make you a more productive software engineer, and features like the aggregation framework deliver on that promise.”

"Above all, NoSQL users want two things to be made as easy as possible: development, and deployment at scale,” said Curt Monash, president of Monash Research and editor of DBMS 2. "MongoDB 2.2 represents significant progress in scalable deployment."

“We selected MongoDB because it provides a highly scalable and flexible platform for building our applications,” said Patrick Stokes, chief product officer at Buddy Media. “We’re really excited about MongoDB 2.2 and impressed that the 10gen team focused on features such as the real-time aggregation framework and major updates in concurrency, which make my team more productive. The new functionality in this version helps remove the stress that goes hand-in-hand with the innate complexities of running a database at scale.

10gen Special Event - What’s New in MongoDB Version 2.2 For a live introduction to MongoDB 2.2, register for 10gen’s free online conference on September 20 that will feature co-founders Dwight Merriman and Eliot Horowitz, and directors of solutions architecture Edouard Servan-Schreiber and Kevin Matulef. Attendees will learn about the key updates to the core server and hear best practices for updating a deployment. For those unable to attend, sign up to have the slides and recording sent straight to your inbox.

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10gen is the company behind MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database. 10gen leads MongoDB kernel development, builds community, and provides commercial services for MongoDB. MongoDB is an open source document database helping tens of thousands of companies quickly and easily deliver, scale, and operate applications. Founded by DoubleClick’s Dwight Merriman and Eliot Horowitz and led by seasoned technologists, 10gen is funded by Flybridge Capital Partners, NEA, Sequoia Capital and Union Square Ventures. 10gen global customers include Disney, eBay, foursquare, Craigslist, Intuit, Shutterfly, Telefonica, UK Government Digital Services, and over 500 others. 10gen has dual headquarters in New York and Palo Alto with offices in Dublin, London, and Sydney. For more information, visit

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