Golan Telecom selects BillRun - open source billing and fraud detection systems based on MongoDB

TEL AVIV — March 30, 2014 — Golan Telecom, one of the youngest and fastest growing companies in Israel has acquired more than 400,000 mobile customers in less than two years. In order to meet its rapid growth, Golan Telecom selected BillRun, the billing and fraud detection systems, developed by Israeli software company S.D.O.C Ltd., that is built entirely on MongoDB.

Developed as an open source billing product for enterprises, BillRun enables integration of all enterprise systems while complying with international standards. The product offers fast and agile development to expand and adapt to the needs of the organization.

Ofer Cohen, managing director of S.D.O.C, said: "we selected MongoDB as our software development platform due to features like scalability, versatility of records, API for PHP, ease of adjustments and growth capabilities, and most importantly – it’s an open source product, which gives full control and no-vendor-lock to our customers". "we started with a small billing system, continued with the fraud detection system, and moved to developing a large billing system in order to meet the future needs of Golan Telecom".

"Our slogan is 'growing business success with open source technology', and MongoDB helps us in turning it to reality", added Cohen. “MongoDB is a great success for us in a company such as Golan Telecom which grew up in a short time from zero to 400,000 customers.” MongoDB helped Golan Telecom to grow from small to medium size organization and hence to an enterprise".

“Golan Telecom and S.D.O.C are excellent examples of how leading Israeli companies are embracing MongoDB to deliver better and faster services when growing exponentially,” said Koby Lif, EMEA channels director at MongoDB Inc. MongoDB makes it easy to build applications fast with a simple, open and powerful new process. Our customers are able to go from pilot to production in weeks, not months. Golan Telecom benefitted from MongoDB’s scalability and performance, which is reflected in the success of Golan Telecom with the billing and fraud detection systems.”

About Golan Telecom:

Golan Telecom is liberating the Israeli consumer and is establishing a new standard in the telecom industry : simple, transparent, cheap. Golan Telecom offers 2 packages: 99 nis all inclusive (sms, calls, mms; data and 55 international destinations) and 9.99 nis (60 min calls with 55 international destinations, Unlimited sms &10mb data). Joining Golan Telecom is a Social Statement for improvement of level of life in Israel. To join : www.golantelecom.co.il

About S.D.O.C. Ltd:

S.D.O.C. Ltd. provides innovative open source solutions and professional services for enterprises, from the initiate phase up to product, including development, consultant from planning through implementation stage, and all the way to production. The flagship solution is based on BillRun, open source convergent charging, which empowers enterprise billing through great open source technologies and services. For more information: www.billrun.net

About MongoDB, Inc:

MongoDB (from humongous) is reinventing data management and powering big data as the leading NoSQL database. Designed for how we build and run applications today, MongoDB empowers organizations to be more agile and scalable. It enables new types of applications, better customer experience, faster time to market, and lower costs. To learn more, please visit www.mongodb.com.