Experian Health Bringing Patient Identification into Modern Era with MongoDB

MongoDB gives healthcare leader the scalability needed to manage patient data and provide best possible care

New York City, New York – July 27, 2017Experian Health, the healthcare industry leader for automating, integrating and transforming the front and back end revenue cycle management process, is leveraging data to improve and modernize healthcare services, ultimately improving patient care. To enable this innovation, the company relies on MongoDB, the database for giant ideas, as its non-relational database of choice.

Experian Health built a Universal Identity Manager platform with MongoDB to fill a critical gap in how medical groups identify patients throughout their care journey. This patient identifier platform brings together data from disparate databases, systems, and data formats to create a single view of a patient and improve the safety, speed, quality, and cost of care for patients and caregivers alike.

To decide which database would power the application, Experian Health compared Oracle’s MySQL, Microsoft’s SQL Server, and EnterpriseDB’s Postgres to MongoDB. MongoDB was chosen because of its flexible data model, scalability, strong performance, and overall cost. Developing the Universal Identity Manager on a relational database would have meant that Experian Health would need to execute up to 10 SQL joins to positively match a patient's identity. Using MongoDB allowed the company to simplify its schema to remove that complexity; drastically reduce the number of queries; improve performance; and simplify growth as the data volume increases.

“The data in the Universal Identity Manager platform fits perfectly with the document model of MongoDB,” said Mike Ochs, Chief Technology Officer, Experian Health. “Our previous relational database was hitting a wall on the number of concurrent queries it could handle effectively. Collaborating with MongoDB has alleviated that concern. Moving forward, we have no concerns about our database slowing us down as our business continues to grow.”

With more than 3,200 hospitals and 10,000 other healthcare organizations relying on Experian Health, it is at the forefront of modernizing healthcare billing and has more than 50 products, including Universal Identity Manager, that revolve around the healthcare revenue cycle.

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