EnerNOC Unlocks Insights for Electrical Grid with MongoDB

New York—August 6, 2013—10gen, the MongoDB company, today announced that EnerNOC, a leading provider of energy intelligence software, has selected MongoDB to enhance its big data capabilities and support its current core data discovery platform to provide a more robust suite of services for its utility, commercial, institutional and industrial (C&I) customers.

EnerNOC delivers management services designed to reduce real-time demand for electricity, increase energy efficiency, improve energy supply transparency in competitive markets and mitigate emissions. The company’s global Network Operations Center (NOC) collects and evaluates nearly 1.5 billion energy data points per month to deliver reliable demand response capacity and energy savings opportunities for customers.

MongoDB’s agile and scalable data platform is expected to improve EnerNOC’s operational efficiency. MongoDB will provide EnerNOC’s data analysts, developers and engineers with a flexible environment to identify new avenues for intelligence-driven efficiency decisions and added cost savings for its customers. Through its use of MongoDB, EnerNOC expects to enhance the quality, depth and flexibility of its data analysis.

“With the overwhelming amount of raw energy usage data coming in, we needed a solution that allowed us to maximize our analysis in a flexible and scalable way,” said Hugh Scandrett, Vice President of Engineering at EnerNOC. “MongoDB has helped us add a new dimension to the data analysis coming in, by gleaning new insights from that data and ultimately guiding our customers to make smarter energy decisions.”

EnerNOC leverages its energy intelligence portfolio in two distinct ways. First, it works with utility-side systems operators to identify operational inefficiencies and lower the demand for power, effectively taking excess energy off the grid. The company also helps a growing portfolio of private enterprises to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint through smarter energy usage.

“For organizations to make smarter, data-driven decisions, they must be able to successfully capture and analyze fast-moving, multi-dimensional data,” said Max Schireson, CEO at 10gen. “We are excited to help EnerNOC bring more flexibility to its portfolio of utility and enterprise customers as they look to optimize efficiency, conserve energy and save money.”

MongoDB is the open-source, document database popular among developers and IT professionals due to its agile and scalable approach. MongoDB provides a JSON data model with dynamic schemas, extensive driver support, auto-sharding, built-in replication and high availability, full and flexible index support, rich queries, aggregation, in-place updates and GridFS for large file storage.

About 10gen

10gen is the company behind MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database. MongoDB (named from "huMONGOus," meaning "extremely large") is reinventing data management and powering big data. Designed for how we build and run applications today, MongoDB empowers organizations to be more agile and scalable. It enables new types of applications, better customer experience, faster time to market and lower costs. MongoDB has a thriving global community with 4 million downloads, 50,000 Online Education registrations, 15,000 MongoDB User Group (MUG) members and 10,000 annual MongoDB Days attendees. The company has more than 600 customers, including many of the world’s largest organizations. For more information, visit www.10gen.com.

About EnerNOC

EnerNOC is a leading provider of energy intelligence software and related solutions. EnerNOC unlocks the full value of energy management for utility and commercial, institutional, and industrial (C&I) customers by delivering a comprehensive suite of demand-side management services that reduce real-time demand for electricity, increase energy efficiency, improve energy supply transparency in competitive markets, and mitigate emissions. EnerNOC’s Utility Solutions™ offerings, which include both implementation and consulting services, are helping hundreds of utilities and grid operators worldwide meet their demand-side management objectives. EnerNOC serves thousands of commercial, institutional, and industrial customers worldwide through a suite of energy management applications including: DemandSMART™, comprehensive demand response; EfficiencySMART™, continuous energy savings; and SupplySMART™, energy price and risk management. EnerNOC’s Network Operations Center (NOC) offers 24x7x365 customer support. For more information, visit www.enernoc.com.

Media Contact: Darah Roslyn Schwartz MSL for 10gen (415) 817- 2519 10gen@schwartzmsl.com