10gen to Offer Free MongoDB Training Online

NEW YORK and PALO ALTO, Calif.—10gen (the MongoDB company) today announced that it will offer free online MongoDB training courses starting in October under a collaboration with edX. Under the new 10gen Education program, 10gen’s instructors will teach a series of courses designed to reach hundreds of thousands of software developers interested in learning how to use the agile, scalable MongoDB platform as the foundation for building new applications. This program will help advance the skills of developers and administrators working with MongoDB, the world’s most popular NoSQL database.

Richard Kreuter, lead consulting engineer, and Andrew Erlichson, vice president of education, will teach M101, MongoDB for Developers. 10gen CEO, Co-Founder and lead MongoDB developer Dwight Merriman will teach M102, MongoDB for DBAs. Students may now register at education.10gen.com, with classes to begin in October.

10gen has entered into a technology collaboration with edX, the not-for-profit online learning collaborative founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Under the collaboration, 10gen and edX will collaborate on software and technology for online learning.

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Massive open online courses are a new breed of online learning that has emerged over the past year and feature highly interactive pedagogical techniques that have transformed the experience of traditional web-based training. A select group of the nation’s top universities are pioneering MOOCs, with early courses on technical topics drawing mass participants worldwide that could never be reached through a physical classroom.

“Teaching MongoDB online through the innovative MOOC format allows us to make our best instructors available to users worldwide,” said Andrew Erlichson, vice president, education at 10gen. “Offering online classes is a natural fit with our open source approach and a logical extension to the dozens of MongoDB events we hold around the world each year.”

10gen Education will provide in-demand technical training to a global audience at no cost—at a time when unemployment rates are high in many parts of the world while demand for skilled MongoDB developers continues to accelerate. The new program democratizes MongoDB training by making it possible to teach hundreds of thousands of people online successfully.

The 10gen MOOCs will be grounded in highly interactive content combined with hands-on practical assignments to provide a positive and rich learning experience. Each course will be delivered in consumable video chunks with interactive quizzes and other built-in activities to ensure the participant remains engaged and on track with his or her progress.

Supporting Quotes:

“Education at our universities and in the workplace is undergoing an exciting transformation as instructors are tapping into the power of the internet and new collaborative techniques that revolutionize distance learning,” said Anant Agarwal, president and first professor at edX. “We are pleased to team with MongoDB on its new 10gen Education program worldwide. edX utilizes MongoDB and our new collaboration is the natural evolution of our relationship with 10gen.”

“10gen’s online classes offer new opportunities to developers looking to leverage MongoDB quickly and efficiently,” said Jimmy Guerrero, director, product marketing and PaaS dude at Red Hat. “10gen is a key partner for our Red Hat OpenShift PaaS and the MOOC is a useful training platform for introducing developers to MongoDB and preparing them for more advanced on-site training.”

M101: MongoDB for Developers Comprehensive training for developers on how to build applications backed by MongoDB. The course syllabus covers the query language, schema design, performance optimization and language drivers.

M102: MongoDB for Administrators DBAs will learn how to administer a production MongoDB instance and support MongoDB developers. The course covers installation, the query language, scaling, replication, backup, performance tuning and optimization.

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