10gen Moves to Former New York Times Building

New York, NY – April 29, 2013—10gen, the MongoDB company, today announced that its New York City office has moved to a larger space to accommodate its rapidly growing team. The new facilities will hold up to 162 New York staff.

The 29,391 square foot office is twice the size of the company’s previous SoHo space and is located in 229 West 43rd Street. The office was custom-designed for 10gen in a style that encourages collaboration, including an open layout that seats executives and employees together.

“Our New York expansion is a real testament to the increasing demand for MongoDB, and this office allows us to grow comfortably,” said Max Schireson, CEO of 10gen. “With its rich history, prime location and innovative design, the new space offers the right environment for our team to continue providing the best database for how applications are written, scaled and managed today.”

“10gen's success and growth is great news for New York City's thriving tech sector,” said Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. “Companies like 10gen are attracting the talent and creating the jobs we need to be competitive in the innovation economy. Congratulations on your new home.”

10gen’s additional locations include Palo Alto, California (shared dual headquarters with New York) and Reston, Virginia as well as international offices in Barcelona, Dublin, London and Sydney.

As one of the most popular new technologies, MongoDB has more than 4 million downloads, 50,000 Online Education registrations, 15,000 MongoDB User Group (MUG) members and 10,000 attendees at MongoDB global events in 2012.

MongoDB is the open-source, document database popular among developers and IT professionals due to its agile and scalable approach. MongoDB provides a JSON data model with dynamic schemas, extensive driver support, auto-sharding, built-in replication and high availability, full and flexible index support, rich queries, aggregation, in-place updates and GridFS for large file storage.

Common use cases include operational and analytical big data, content management and delivery, mobile and social infrastructure, user data management and data hub.

10gen has more than 600 commercial customers including many of the world's leading brands, such as Cisco, Craigslist, Disney, EA, eBay, Ericsson, Forbes, Foursquare, Intuit, LexisNexis, McAfee, MTV, Salesforce.com, Shutterfly and Telefonica. The company has raised more than $81 million in funding to date from Red Hat, Intel and others.

About 10gen

10gen is the company behind MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database. MongoDB is the open-source, document database that is reshaping the market due to the popularity of its agile and scalable approach among developers and IT professionals. 10gen leads MongoDB development, supports the large and growing MongoDB community, provides commercial subscriptions including support, and offers consulting and training. Additionally, 10gen provides the free, cloud-based MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS).