10gen to Host First Online MongoDB Conference to Meet Community Demand

NEW YORK and PALO ALTO, Calif.—July 5, 2012—10gen, the company behind MongoDB, today announced its first online conference, “Deep Dive with MongoDB,” on July 11. The four-hour, online event is designed to meet the increasing demand for MongoDB education worldwide. Developers previously unable to attend 10gen’s events gain an introduction to the MongoDB basics as well as the opportunity to explore how MongoDB can be used for future projects. Registration for the event is now open.

MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database, with more than 160,000 downloads a month. In 2011, over 10,000 developers attended 23 MongoDB conferences across the globe. By hosting trainings virtually in addition to its worldwide conferences, 10gen aims to maximize the number of people they reach and support existing customers.

Attendees of the online conference will learn:

• How to Build Your First App: Discover the basics of MongoDB's document model, query language, map-reduce framework and deployment architecture for building a simple location-based check-in application.

• Schema Design with MongoDB: Principles and Practices: Learn best practices for modeling data including unique alternatives to the standard, normalized, relational model.

• Replication and Replica Sets: A step-by-step session on how to set up, configure and initiate a replica set, and the right methods for using replication to scale reads.

• Introducing MongoDB into Your Organization: Gain compelling proof points, from public customer references and real-world case studies to deployment support and practices for robustness, to share internally on how MongoDB contributes business value.

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Who: Speakers include 10gen’s Director for Solution Architecture Edouard Servan-Schreiber, Senior Solutions Architect Asya Kamsky, and Solutions Architect Antoine Girbal. For a complete list of speakers and their bios, please visit www.10gen.com/events/mongodb-online-conference.

When: July 11, 2012 from 8:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m. PST.

Where: Online! Please register for the event here.

Hashtag: #mongodeepdive

For more details about the conference, please visit http://www.10gen.com/events/mongodb-online-conference.