Zstandard in Atlas Data Lake

The Atlas Data Lake release notes mentions supporting Zstandard compression since 8 June 2021, but the documentation doesn’t include it anywhere.

I’d like to evaluate the performance of Zstandard as an alternative to gzip - from benchmark elsewhere it appears to be able to give both better performance and reduced storage size. I’ve tried just using “.bson.zst” as the extension, but I’m not getting any results with that.

Is Zstandard supported at all for this?

Hey Ralf, thanks for the question!

I’m going to go ahead and fix that documentation as it’s actually referring to supporting Zstandard compression when connecting to an underlying MongoDB Cluster, so the compression is referring to the data in transit.

Additionally we are looking into adding support for Zstandard for files in S3, but it’s not available yet.

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Thanks, that makes sense. I’ll look out for Zstandard support for files - getting great results with that in MongoDB wire protocol and storage compression.

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