Zsh: bad CPU type in executable: mongo


Trying to install mongo shell on Apple Mac M1 - Bigsur 11.2

Did anyone see this before “zsh: bad CPU type in executable: mongo”

can anyone help me please.


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I do not think that the new processor of the M1 is supported yet. Check on MongoDB Developer Community Forums for verification.

What is your default shell?
If it is not zsh try to switch to it and try

If you are in zsh then it could be version compatibilty issue like [steevej-1495] mentioned.
In some cases 32 bit vs 64 bit also cause issues
Check this links.May help


hi what links should i check?
thanks in advance

Hi @Aravind_Adla,

This is an older question but I wanted to note that although MongoDB does not run natively on M1 processors at the moment, you can use macOS’ Rosetta Translation Environment to run the Intel binaries. If you don’t have Rosetta installed, I believe you should be prompted to install this the first time you try to run an Intel binary.

Follow the standard Install MongoDB Community Edition on macOS guide to install MongoDB server & tools via the Homebrew package manager. The only other requirement is that you have installed Rosetta (which is a one-off installation if you want to run any Intel apps).


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