Zone sharding alternative- manual vs atlas

We are reviewing options for having documents written to specific geographic areas.
The user can choose one of a few high level storage zones. In our case the values
are either ‘NA’ (North America), ‘EU’ (Europe) or null for any.

The tutorial at

provides steps to manually create

  • a mongos
  • a config server replica set (3 mongod members)
    1…n data replica sets with (3 mongod members). This is done once per storage zone
    With commands like
    sh.addShardTag(“myShardedData”, “NA”)
    { “zone” : “NA”, “name” : MinKey },
    { “zone” : “NA”, “name” : MaxKey }, “NA”)

It uses sh.shardCollection(), sh.addShard(), sh.addShardTag(), and sh.addTagRange().
to route documents to a specific cluster based on any field value. There are many
steps involved. Our 2 storage zone example has 1 mongos and (3 + 3 + 3) mongod instances.

If another collection to be geo sharded is created many steps need to be done for the
new collection. This also adds 3 mongod members somewhere in the world.

As an alternative seems to be Atlas global clusters which requires all
documents to have a location field. However that uses an ISO country value.
In contrast we only want to present the higher level NA, EU, and ‘any’ options.

Is there a way to get the 2 zone storage approach easily using Atlas?