Xamarin Hot restart is not compatible with Realm database

I have raised this same issue a while back in Xamarin github issues and after some time decided to raise this in here as well, cause it might be that Realm’s team should fix something to make this work.

Basically, the cool Xamarin Hot Restart Feature is not working when you use Realm database.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Download the sample project. HotRestart.zip
  2. Connect and iOS device to your PC
  3. Make sure that Xamarin experimental hot restart options are enabled
  4. Run the app on the local PC connected iOS device using hot restart feature
  5. Application will crash with the following error

This basically is a developer productivity killer… Considering most of the Xamarin projects I do are using Realm, you can imagine this has become very irritating. Is there anything that Realm team can do to fix this issue?

Hi @Gagik_Kyurkchyan, I checked with the engineering team and they confirmed that they’re aware of the issue. I’d suggest creating a new “idea” in the Realm feedback tool - that way you and other developers can vote for it to flag its priority https://feedback.mongodb.com/forums/923521-realm

@Andrew_Morgan thanks for the response! I’ve created the idea

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