Xamarin Forms best practices with Sync?

I worked on the dotnet team 2015-17 so am very familiar with how things worked back then.

I haven’t been able to find any decent examples of best practices with Xamarin Forms especially with the Atlas-backed Sync model. I have a standalone app I want to migrate to sync which is going to need partial sync as users share some appointments with friends.

The official MongoDB Uni sample is extremely simple and doesn’t show editing with bindings. It has a trivial model of copying data from the Realm object and saving it back on pressing Save.

Is that the recommended approach for all apps? How does this interact with sync and changes being propagated. Have I missed something obvious that shows more use of sync?

The more sophisticated sync samples I’ve found do NOT include dotnet:

This might help, MongoDB World 2022 presentation, How I Made a Mobile App for Tracking Blood Pressure Using Atlas Device Sync, Realm, & Xamarin.Forms - YouTube