Wrong documentation for "Quick Start with Sync - .NET SDK"

In this thread https://docs.mongodb.com/realm/sdk/dotnet/quick-start-with-sync/#initialize-the-app you wrote :

app = App.Create(myRealmAppId);

This is wrong. UWP and WPF by default has App class, and it doesn’t have any Create method. And both Realms and Realm package doesn’t have Realms.App or Realm.App too. So what’s the App class you referenced?

The documentation should be detail and it’s much better if you have demo project for .NET since your document is really vague.

Just above this section is one called “Import Realm” which explains that you need to add

using Realms;
using Realms.Sync;

to access Realm’s App class. If that conflicts with UWP’s App, then you can fully qualify it and use:

app = Realms.Sync.App.Create(myRealmAppId);

So the documentation should be modified to


Even when you using Realms.Sync; the app won’t understand App as Realms.Sync.App;

It’s only when you have a conflict with a different App class. Visual Studio will suggest fixes when it detects the conflict.