Writing to Database from Website using Bearer anonymously

I am a newbie to MongoDB and especially Atlas.

In my application, I have a website from which I need to write to a database, everytime someone interacts with the website by filling in some information. The website does not require a login, so there is no concept of user authentication here. I am reading that I need to use Bearer authentication, and not use API keys in the website (newbie developer), but I don’t understand how to setup the Bearer authentication for my purposes. I was under the impression that I can use the Atlas web interface console to create a token, and then use that in my website, but I can’t find that functionality. Rather, I see some documentation about enabling anonymous user login, but I am also reading that this doesn’t persist data.

Can someone please explain how to go about doing what I want to do within this framework? In summary, I have a website which is a form. Every time that form is filled in and a button clicked, I want to write to a MongoDB database through the Atlas API.

Many thanks!

Has anyone answred this yet? I need the answer