Write concern majority and oplog

What is the relationship between write concern majority and oplog processing.

For example: insert with write-concern-majority into P-S-S

Does the secondary have to process the oplog before it can acknowledges the write?

How does the Replication Oplog window impact this?

Appreciate any thoughts.

Hi @David_Lange ,

A write is considered majority commited when majority of nodes has confirmed to be at least at its timestamp.

So secondary does not have to process it but it has to be queued in the node for processing aka written to its oplog.

If fhe replication oplog window is small it risks one or more secondary to get out of sync if they cannot keepup within the given oplog window. Once they get out of sync they are not counted for majority commit, therefore the chance of failure of w : majority gets higher…


Thanks. Exactly what I was wondering.

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