Would deprecated dependencies cause issues?

Hi guys!

I’m following this Task Tracker tutorial for Node.js and am currently at step A.

When running npm install, there are warnings about deprecated dependencies that look like this tutorial is using some very old version.

Just curious and want to ask what are the best ways to deal with these warnings in most situations?
Should I upgrade to a newer version or just ignore the warnings?

Thanks, everyone!


Usually, you can fix these by running following command:

npm audit fix

Thank you very much, Nenad!

Is there any situation in that you wouldn’t recommend using npm audit fix?

I had an experience trying to fix a package by running some suggested commands in the terminal but it broke my app, so I wonder if there’s anything we should avoid when it comes to fixing?


npm audit fix should fix all vulnerabilities without breaking changes.

It can happen that some vulnerabilities will not be fixed because they include breaking change. These can be fixed by running npm audit fix --force. However, before doing it you should check the docs for relevant packages because breaking changes can break your app.

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