wiredtiger checkpoint logging

good day everyone!

i got these very helpful log entries recently:
WT_SESSION.checkpoint: Checkpoint ran for XXX seconds and wrote: XXX pages (XXX MB)

they helped me alot tuning eviction and storage overall.
unfortunately after a server restart i dont get them anymore.

all i get is:
WT_SESSION.checkpoint: [WT_VERB_CHECKPOINT_PROGRESS] saving checkpoint snapshot min: XXX, snapshot max: XXX snapshot count: XXX, oldest timestamp: (XXX, XXX) , meta checkpoint timestamp: (XXX, XXX) base write gen: XXX"}}

  • which arent very helpfull …

and i dont know what i did to get the first mentioned. i tried increased verbosity for storage, but with no luck.

anyone know how to get them back?

kind regards, mike

Hi @M_N_Taler, and welcome to the community forum.

Could you please confirm if there was a version change between the two log messages discussed above? As mentioned in SERVER-63112, this fix was made and the logs were added to ensure the write has happened.

The fix is available in version 6.0 and above. Therefore, is there a possibility that you saw the first logs in a different version?