Windows OS configuration to setup the mongo db

we want to set up MongoDB locally.
how can I calculate how much ram and storage is required.
I’m using the capped collection
5 GB
each document is 2Kb
and 2 keys I want to do the indexing for querying the information those are normal GUUID
and everyday 100000 insert transaction occurs

Please suggest os configuration core, RAM, and storage is required.
how can I calculate is there any formula or logic is available.


Hi @Hanumant_Hipparagi and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

If you take exemple on the default settings proposed on MongoDB Atlas for the different Cluster Tiers available, you will see that usually RAM = 20% * Disk.

So for exemple if you are planning for a database of 50GB, I would go with 10GB RAM for exemple to be on the safe side. A bit less would probably be OK, but it depends a lot on your use case and number of indexes, etc.


Thanks for the info.
I’m very new to Mongo DB not aware of the server-level configuration.
If I have a 64 GB ram system then manually do I have to configure the 10GB dedicated RAM to Mongo DB?
or all 64 GB RAM will get allocated to Mongo DB.

MondoDB takes all the RAM available by default. It’s not meant to run with something else on the same physical machine because a “serious” cluster will need all the CPU, RAM and IOPS available to stay performant.