Will there ever be datadog support for Atlas Serverless?

Hi all,

We’ve got datadog integration working for MongoDB Atlas Cluster, works great, but we’re moving over to Atlas Serverless and I was wondering whether to ever expect monitoring integrations for this product such as datadog ? How are other companies monitoring Serverless ?


Hi @Mike_Corlett - Welcome to the community :wave:

Datadog integration with serverless instances is not currently available and is not mentioned in the serverless limitations documentation (no “Coming Soon” check). If you would like this feature to be added Serverless, I would suggest you to file a feature request via feedback.mongodb.com. From that platform, you will be able to interact with our Product Management team, keep track of the progress of your request, and make this visible to other users.



thanks. Have done what you said here ! : Add Datadog integration to Atlas Serverless – MongoDB Feedback Engine


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