Will read concern "snapshot" solve my problem?

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to do a huge query that retrieves every documents in multiple collections in a database.
The problem is that I want to make sure that the documents are coherent since some of them are linked together and i want to make sure no documents are modified during my find.

While reading the mongo documentation, I came across the read concern Snapshot but I dont really understand if it will solve my problem and since it’s hard to actually try it out, I wanted to ask you guys for some help
Thanks for your time !
Have a nice day

As i understand, by default, mongodb/wiredtiger uses snapshot isolation, similar to repeatable read in mysql.

You can get the aspects here. Isolation (database systems) - Wikipedia. Repeatable read/snapshot read can avoid many problems, but not every thing. So check it out.

no it’s not that hard. You can try tuning the batch size and then test.

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