Will pymongo==3.11.4 work with mongo 4.4?

Currently using Django Rest with Djongo 1.3.6 as an ORM. Djongo uses pymongo 3.11.4 to connect to mongo. The replica set we are connected to is 4.2.20. It doesn’t look like 3.11.4 is on any of the compatibility charts for 4.2 (that we’re on) or 4.4 , which is what we’re being asked to move to.

The problem is Djongo isn’t actively maintained and simply upgrading pymongo just uncovers a lot of deprecated commands and connectivity issues that break Djongo.

Are there specific problems with keeping on 3.11.4 and connecting to a 4.4 cluster ?

Hi @Joe_Garrity, we don’t officially support the 3.x versions of PyMongo anymore, but 3.11.4 does support MongoDB 3.6+.