Will MotorClient work with multi-process production workers (hypercorn)?

I’m looking forward to deploy a web app written in Python with the Quart web framework based on asyncio. I will deploy this web app through Hypercorn which is gunicorn-like but an asyncio- and quart-optimized alternative written from scratch. Also, I’ll be using an uvloop worker if that matters.

So now I’m wondering, will my web app run just fine with multiple workers under the aforementioned conditions? I read that MotorClient neither supports multithreaded nor multiprocess environments.

Hypercorn does handle its processes using the Python multiprocessing library. Here’s some source file: https://github.com/pgjones/hypercorn/blob/6f243df889ff008bf8a8175010b660d92892669c/src/hypercorn/run.py

So what exactly do those MotorClient limitations mean? Will I be unable to use it? And if so, why are there seemingly no efforts to bring PyMongo to the age of modern web development?

Thank you in advance!