Why we choose mongodb

As many developer or students asked me why to choose mongodb over other databases

Hey @Pramod_Kumar_59437

My reasons:

  1. Rich (expressive) query language which is also, to me, more intuitive.
  2. I think I can reason about things better as the storage document (BSON) is very close to that of JSON.
  3. I found MongoDB easier to learn than SQL. This is very subjective and personal, as I see many MongoDB University students who have come from SQL and struggle with MongoDB
  4. I like the green leaf.

Here are some of mine:

  1. The schema-less allows a lot of flexibility and speed while in development. There is no need to define tables and fields. You just start to code and manipulate data.
  2. The Altlas service (probably available for SQL too) is just wonderful. You simply concentrate on your data. No server to setup or dedicate. But I have to admit that setting up a local server is quite easy. The Charts feature is very nice.
  3. I just love Compass, schema analysis, aggregation builder.