Why my connection to Mongodb has this error : AxiosError: Request failed with status code 500

hi every one . i’m new member , this is my API code to connect to my Mongodb

import { MongoClient } from "mongodb";
async function haandler(req, res) {
  if (req.method === "POST") {
    const data = req.body;

    const client = await MongoClient.connect(

    const db = client.db();
    const dataCollection = db.collection("authentication");
    const result = await dataCollection.insertOne( data );
    res.status(201).json("data saved succesfully");

export default haandler;

**I tried to change IP to access from every where **
every time i try to send request i got this error :
settle.js:19 Uncaught (in promise)

1. AxiosError {message: 'Request failed with status code 500', name: 'AxiosError', code: 'ERR_BAD_RESPONSE', config: {…}, request: XMLHttpRequest, …}

  1. code: "ERR_BAD_RESPONSE"
  2. config: {transitional: {…}, adapter: Array(2), transformRequest: Array(1), transformResponse: Array(1), timeout: 0, …}
  3. message: "Request failed with status code 500"
  4. name: "AxiosError"
  5. request: XMLHttpRequest {onreadystatechange: null, readyState: 4, timeout: 0, withCredentials: false, upload: XMLHttpRequestUpload, …}
  6. response: {data: '<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><style data-next-hide-f…p":true,"scriptLoader":[]}\x3C/script></body></html>', status: 500, statusText: 'Internal Server Error', headers: AxiosHeaders, config: {…}, …}
  7. stack: "AxiosError: Request failed with status code 500\n at settle (webpack-internal:///./node_modules/axios/lib/core/settle.js:24:12)\n at XMLHttpRequest.onloadend (webpack-internal:///./node_modules/axios/lib/adapters/xhr.js:125:66)"     

and this is the code that is sending data to API :

import FormItem from "../../components/form";
import axios from "axios";
const Authentication = () => {
  const dataGether = async (data: {
    name: string;
    email: string;
    password: string;
    score: number;
  }) => {
    const response = await axios.post("/api/pj-api", { data });

  return <FormItem onDataGetter={dataGether} />;

export default Authentication;

I also have this error in my terminal : MongoServerSelectionError: connect ETIMEDOUT
it seems i cant connect to my mongo but i dont know why