Why MongoDB is not available in WHM/cPanel as installable service?

Dear Team,

Currently MongoDB is not available with WHM/cPanel as installable service like other services and extensions. I had made a feature request with cPanel and the request URL is https://features.cpanel.net/topic/22081-installation-option-for-mongodb-and-displaying-it-in-feature-list-in-whm but their reply is below:
“The problem is not technical. Section 13 of the license MongoDB uses requires: A company that offers a publicly available MongoDB as a service must release the software it uses to offer such service under the terms of the SSPL, including the management software, user interfaces, application program interfaces, automation software, monitoring software, backup software, storage software and hosting software, all such that a user could run an instance of the service using the source code made available.”
Due to above terms cPanel.net is unable to make MongoDB Community edition available as installable services. I have not any idea about technicalities and legal aspects of above terms, but would like to request the developers / Product Management Team of MongoDB to review the terms so that MongoDB can also be available with WHM/cPanel as installable service.

Request to approve my topic.

Shubhajeet Saha