Why is there no MongoDB Alpine Image?

There was a very small alpine image that many were using: GitHub - mvertes/docker-alpine-mongo: MongoDB Dockerfile based on light alpine container
But it is no longer maintained. This image is so much smaller than the only official MongoDB image (which is based on Ubuntu). Why do we all need to have a Ubuntu image if MongoDB runs fine on Alpine or even potentially “scratch” images? Am I really the only one running mongo who needs to optimize their resources?

Its github page reads "Development has stopped since mongodb has been removed from alpinelinux packages due to SPL license

Both docker and alpinelinux packages were maintained by Marc. But changes in licencing affect the maintainability.

I don’t know how it is now, but it is clear that someone should be willing to take the mantle of being a maintainer for community addition if packages compile successfully.

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I saw that but just don’t understand what that means - whose license is restricting whom?
I would think MongoDB would want to maintain it considering alpine’s security and performance profile.

Honestly, I don’t have much of understanding licencing types, so can’t say how it goes in this situation.

the last package for alpine is a release candidate for version 4.0. We now have version 6.x out there. it is a pretty darn long time.

you may instead compile a customized version, but then at least will come bug fixes and you will need to recompile the server, and more to update docker, with each minor release.

this needs patience and we will wait until someone has that patience for all others.

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