Why does it take 7-10 minutes to create a dedicated Atlas Cluster?

Hi there. My objective is to create a new cluster for each review app. Has been working fine in the “shared” space with M2/M5 → but now I wanted to upgrade to M10 so we can have MongoDB version 7 in our review environment.

However, this does not seem to be possible - since it takes 7-10 minutes :exploding_head:

Why does it take such a long time to create a dedicated M10 cluster?

Hi @Alex_Bjorlig,

To my knowledge and my own experience with M10+ creations, I believe they have been generally created within 7-10 minutes even in the past as well.

I’d just like to understand the context behind your question regarding the amount of time to create an M10 - Is this more so a comparison between the times of setting up a shared tier vs dedicated tier cluster? Or are there any actual errors you’re encountering with the M10+ tier cluster creations?

I understand you’ve noted “working fine in the “share” space with M2/M5” so I am wondering is it some application execution that cannot currently deal the 7-10 minute creation time of the M10?

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.


So the context here is creating a backend for every review app (based on open pull requests).
But I have solved the problem, by simply creating a new database per review app (instead of a new cluster).

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Gotcha. Thanks for providing the solution here too.

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