Why can't I copy any text data from chart tables?

I can highlight text, but it’s not possible to right click to copy or and using CMD+C does nothing. If I “View Data” I’m able to highlight and right click, then copy. But CMD+C still does nothing. I’m on Safari btw.

This is the case for all text in/on any chart type. It’s a little annoying, is there a privacy/access reason behind this?

Hi @Mohamed_Moustafa, thanks for letting us know. On table charts specifically, this was not a deliberate limitation and it only seems to be an issue with Safari. We’ll look into it, but in the meantime some workarounds would be to use a different browser, or export to CSV and copy from there.

For non-table charts, the text is rendered on a Canvas so it’s not possible to copy directly from the chart, although the Chart Data dialog should give you access to the data.