Why are there less MDB University Courses, and seemingly lower quality?

About two years ago the courses were top notch, and everyone was able to become very good at MongoDB for free, and then decide whether it was worth doing the certification. (I guess not many were paying, but I don’t know. I certainly didn’t have the money.)

Now there are just a few free courses, most are good but very superficial, and the interface has gotten much more clunky and the process of learning is almost painful. This is backed by the fact that the only course level is “Foundational.”

It’d be silly not to consider that maybe the answer is profit, but I wonder whether at least some of those fantastic courses from a while ago could be make available for free as well.

Maybe there are some other reasons that I’m missing.

It may also be that some of those courses are there and I just couldn’t find them.

Any thoughts ?

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The older courses’ catalogue can be found here: Online Courses | MongoDB University

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