Why add arbiter then we get error?

In pruduct enviroment, when we use PSA architecture and arbiter node cant work, we usually first add arbiter and then remove the bad one. But when we remove the old arbiter, we will get error that Rejcting reconfig where the new config has PSA topology and the secondary is electable, but the old config contains only one writable node. Even though using rs.reconfigForPSAS for next sets, we also get error.

get error step:

- rs.add("ip:port", priority:1, arviter:true)         #mongodb have 2 arbiters
- rs.remove("ip:port")                                     # cant remove
- rs.reconfig()                                                # cant remove

Show us the exact command you ran and the error you got
Arbiter should be added with rs.addArb()
Check mongo documentation for exact syntax