Whitelist Realm GraphQL endpoint to a machine or server

Is there any option available to whitelist Realm GraphQL endpoint to a machine or server for security purposes. Please let me know

Hey Mo - can you expand on what you mean by whitelist? If you’re looking for static IPs for Realm which you can add to your client, we have them published here. (note: these may change very rarely)

If you’re looking to only allow incoming requests to Realm from certain IPs, you can actually set that in your permissioning by:

  1. Setting up a role that performs a function
  2. Check the remote IP address inside the function that gets called
  3. Return true if the IP you want to allow matches the request IP

Hope that helps - we’re also planning on introducing a specific IP access list feature to MongoDB Realm to improve this experience.


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I have a REST endpoint (for eg. IP for this server is XX.XX.XX.XX) that will interact with REALM endpoint. For this, I want to establish a secure connection between both. I don’t want other systems to access the REALM endpoint, It should only process the request from IP XX.XX.XX.XX.
I believe you have already given the option to handle this situation, Thanks. I am very excited to wait for the IP access list feature in REALM.
Do you have any idea, when this feature will be available?

Hi Mo, it will likely be a few more months until you are able to use the feature.

Hi @Sumedha_Mehta1
context.request is always empty in the function.
It works nice when I run the functions from portal (https://realm.mongodb.com/). When I call realm graph from postman, context.request is always empty.

Please help, As per your feedback I have set up the role and unable to get the remote IP in function and it is the blocker for me.

That issue should be resolved as of last week.

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